Mechanical Testing


Our lab is fully equipped and competent in-house Mechanical Testing Facility to provide precise, reproducible and reliable determination of various Mechanical tests like Tensile strength, Compressive strength, Bend/re-bend test, Impact test (Charpy/Izod ), Flattening test, Hardness test, weld ability and tests of various other mechanical and engineering properties.

We are specialized in Proof Stress test and Tensile test at elevated temperatures. Tests are meticulously conducted as per various national and international standards like IS, ASTM, BS, ISO, etc. or client-specified standards, and the compliance of test items to various specifications is properly and accurately decided.

  • Tension tests on products
  • Rockwell Hardness Tests
  • Rockwell Tests using B, C scales
  • Vickers Hardness Tests
  • Impact tests, Charpy, Izod, BS upto -50 °C
  • Transverse and Shear Tests
  • Bend Test on reinforcement for concrete
  • Tests on DI & HDPE pipes
  • Tests on Tubes-Flattening
  • Tension and Crushing Tests