Geotechnical Investigation


With Geotech Investigation we provide information on the physical properties of soil and rock around a site to design earthworks and foundations for proposed structures and for repair of distress to earthworks and structures caused by subsurface conditions.

To ensure that your site can accommodate your construction project, investigation of the soil, rock, fault distribution and bedrock properties on and below your site is critical.

Our geotechnical services provide you with a diverse range of analyses for both surface and subsurface exploration of your site. We can assess how earth materials will interact with your proposed construction and identify the potential risks to humans, property and the environment. Our services include everything from routine testing, one-off analyses and problem solving through to design and monitoring of the earthworks and structure foundations

As a provider of geotechnical services, we offer expert personnel and state-of-the-art resources, testing methods and laboratories.

To discuss how our geotechnical services can help you ensure that your site can accommodate your construction project, contact us today.